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Courses Name Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) (Regular)
Courses Description

As per ASHRAE and ISHRAE Standards


Prelude to HVAC


   Modes of Heat Transfer

  Sensible Heat and Latent Heat

Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines

  Basic Refrigeration System or Vapor Compression Cycle

  Pressure – Enthalpy Chart

  Function & Types of Compressor

  Function & Types of Condenser

  Function & Types of Expansion Valve

  Function & Types of Evaporator

  Accessories used in the System

  Refrigerant and Brines

Classification of Air-Conditioning System

Window A/C

   Working of Window A/C with Line Diagrams

Split A/C

  •  Types of Split A/C

  •  Working of Split A/C with Line Diagrams

Ductable Split A/C

  •      Working of Ductable Split A/C with Line Diagrams

  •   Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)/ Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Ductable Package A/C

   Working of Ductable Package A/C with Line Diagrams

Package Roof Top Units

Central Plant Chill Water System

Categories of Air Conditioning

  • All air system

  • All water system

  • Air - water system

  • Direct Refrigerant system

Study of Psychrometric Charts

Dry Bulb Temperature

Wet Bulb Temperature

Dew Point Temperature

Relative Humidity

Humidity Ratio


  •  Heating

  • Cooling

  • Cooling and Dehumidification

  • Heating and Humidification

·         Finding Values Using the Chart

Load Calculation

Survey of Building

Cooling Load Steps

Finding Temperature difference (ΔT)

  • Wall

  •  Glass

  • Roof

  • Partition

Finding ‘U’ Factor

  • Wall

  • Glass

  • Roof

  • Partition

Finding Ventilation requirement for IAQ

Load Calculations (Manually using E-20 form)

ESHF, ADP & Air Flow Rate (CFM) Calculation

Air Distribution System

Duct-Definition & Terminology

Duct Design consideration

Duct sizing methods

Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio

Finding Duct size using Ductulator

Calculation of Number of sheets for Duct

Gauge selection for Sheet Metal

Bill of Materials for Duct Network

Legends and Symbols used in the HVAC Industry

Selection of Diffusers and Grilles

Duct Materials and Insulation materials used in HVAC Industry

Study of Overseas Drawings

Duct Routing - Preparation of single line diagram (SLD)

Preparation of Layouts (Double line Diagram - DLD) as per SMACNA rules

Openings for Ducts passing through Wall

Sectional drawing @ Duct supports

Concept of CAV & VAV

Static Pressure Calculation

Selection of Motor HP

Selection Fan/Blower RPM

Hydronic System

Classification of Water Piping

Pipe sizing for chill water system

Fittings used in the HVAC Piping System

Valves used in the HVAC Piping System

Function of Valves

Openings for CHW Pipes passing through Wall

Sectional drawing @ CHW Pipe supports

Pump Head Calculation

Selection of Pump

Air Conditioning Concepts

Fire Protection (Awareness)

HVAC software’s

XL sheet for Load Calculations

Duct sizer for Duct sizing

TroxCADBase for Diffuser & Grilles

Pipe sizer for Pipe sizing

Psychrometry Software

And many more………..

Two Live Project Works

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Ismail ( 23-03-2018 )

we can understand the course in the easy way and there are the best faculty the hvac course is the best we get the knowledge of this course while we are doing the project

Sumit Dnyaneshwar Mahure

Sumit Dnyaneshwar Mahure ( 10-01-2017 )

Good teaching staff and quality learning.


Himanshu ( 10-01-2017 )

Good teaching staff and quality learning than any other institute in Hyderabad.

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar ( 10-01-2017 )

Experience in Dhanush engg services was quite good.It provided a lot of learning exposure which helped me to tackle many self emerged questions.Institute has always encouraged students to work hard and be gentle. Thank you.


Vidhun ( 10-01-2017 )

Its a good career development centre the faculties are good and helpful.


Kaushik ( 10-01-2017 )

Coursework was nicely delivered in class and faculty have very helpful nature,satisfied with Dhanush HVAC training.


Sagar ( 10-01-2017 )

Excellent teaching and good course material


Malhari ( 10-01-2017 )

It is Excellent teaching and goods for talent students


K.Rajesh ( 09-01-2017 )

Excellent teaching , will say us to how to do our work in simple and easy manner

Nagesh Poludasari

Nagesh Poludasari ( 09-01-2017 )

Faculty is good to teach, their communication is fair, knowledge regarding subject is good, please visit any place in practical which have done in class


Santhosh ( 09-01-2017 )

Good faculty easy to learn subject and improve the knowledge and communication skills very will improved going for a job best way of choosing.


Rahul ( 09-01-2017 )

Teaching is good and way of communicating to students in different languages is also good.

Mohammed Waseem Ahmed

Mohammed Waseem Ahmed ( 09-01-2017 )

I suggest DHANSUH for HVAC course.I have done HVAC design and drafting course in this institute and the explanation was very good.By doing a live project we can gain real time experience.

Ferhan Rasool

Ferhan Rasool ( 09-01-2017 )

I have done HVAC design and drafting course here. All the concepts are explained very clearly and doing the project gives us more knowledge and experience

G Nanda Kishore

G Nanda Kishore ( 09-01-2017 )

I attended for HVAC designing and drafting course here, which was a good experience and they are good at technical presentation with highly experienced faculty.


Tanaji ( 09-01-2017 )

I am happy with dhanush institute where I completed my Hvac and now I`m confident to get a job than 4 yrs I studied in my btech.

G H Manjunath

G H Manjunath ( 09-01-2017 )

Its good to join HVAC, it has shown me a platform to start my career and the environment around me and faculty are really good. Their experience as let me the HVAC live project was going good. But for fresher point of view its a good platfrom to succeed in the rising career.

G.pradeep Kumar

G.pradeep Kumar ( 09-01-2017 )

I am so happy to join here because I learned a lot from this institute comparing with my education.communication between student and faculty is good.

Raghib Rehan

Raghib Rehan ( 06-01-2017 )

In this hvac class i enjoyed lot mam is good and I understood all the things easily.

Altop Rahman

Altop Rahman ( 06-01-2017 )

Course timing or month should be increased on regular.

Kasukurthi Surendra

Kasukurthi Surendra ( 06-01-2017 )

The training provided here is excellent and a good place for learning especially for freshers.The trainers are well qualified and they share their knowledge.

Ch Prudhvi

Ch Prudhvi ( 06-01-2017 )

Good institute. provides sufficient knowledge

Shaik Khaleel

Shaik Khaleel ( 06-01-2017 )

It is a good training for me in HVAC D&D for getting knowledge about the working of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by this institute. Faculty is also good at explaining while teaching, and also clarifying the doubts in subject. I feel very good about Dhanush Engg.. services

Shaik Khaleel

Shaik Khaleel ( 06-01-2017 )

It is a good training for me in HVAC D&D for getting knowledge about the working of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by this institute. Faculty is also good at explaining while teaching, and also clarifying the doubts in subject. I feel very good about Dhanush Engg.. services

Shaikh Rehmani

Shaikh Rehmani ( 16-05-2016 )

At Dhanush MEP Centre, MEP course is very effective. Way of teaching is wonderful and now I feel so much confident than before. Now I have a great future in my eyes.

Pramod Kumar

Pramod Kumar ( 16-05-2016 )

The Faculty of MEP Center is excellent and they provides best resource in the market. Any one can got professional through their course. Thankful to MEP Centre.

Mohd Waseem Akram

Mohd Waseem Akram ( 16-05-2016 )

I have sufficient and broader knowledge about HVAC after doing course from Dhanush. I did not have any idea about these techniques earlier. This institute is very good for these courses. Faculties are having lot of knowledge and very good teaching experience in this domain.

Sohrab Hussain

Sohrab Hussain ( 16-05-2016 )

I have learned lots of things at Dhanush MEP Centre as compared to Faculties are very good in teaching and clear all the doubts. I am thankful to this institute and my faculties.

Mohd Yasir Masood

Mohd Yasir Masood ( 16-05-2016 )

Dhanush is best Institute. Faculty is good and over all staff is also good. Knowledge is given in a best manner. But some improvement in the Practical Labs is required to overcome the fresher Knowledge.

Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman ( 16-05-2016 )

Excellent faculty clears almost every doubt and overall session was very good. Thanks to MEP Centre for their guidance.

Md Zuhaib Ahmad

Md Zuhaib Ahmad ( 16-05-2016 )

Dhanush MEP Centre is a very good place for learning HVAC course. Faculty is good and they have good teaching skills and also they revise the previous class theory to ensure that the students are studying or not.

Sreejith Babu

Sreejith Babu ( 16-05-2016 )

I have learnt HVAC Design and Drafting Course from Dhanush. Faculties are very good, completed course well on time and project work was challenging. Got a thorough knowledge about the HVAC industry and fees are also not very high.

Md Khurshid Alam

Md Khurshid Alam ( 16-05-2016 )

I appreciate the entire HVAC Design and Drafting Course at Dhanush MEP Centre, excellent for freshers as well as experienced people to start career in HVAC designer in domestic as well as commercial market.

Mozammil Kamal

Mozammil Kamal ( 30-01-2016 )

I feel very good environment of learning about various aspects of HVAC field which very knowledge.

Shaik Fayaz Ahamad

Shaik Fayaz Ahamad ( 30-01-2016 )

All the faculty are good and friendly.

Mohammed Dastageer

Mohammed Dastageer ( 30-01-2016 )

The way of teaching is excellent the faculty having a great experience and the knowledge they are having is sharing with us in a very manner.

Syed Shoeb Ali

Syed Shoeb Ali ( 30-01-2016 )

It should provide few lab classes in HVAC course.

Varada Chaithanya

Varada Chaithanya ( 30-01-2016 )

Good Institute and good faculty having. Lab facilities are good.

Bhagekar Suryakant

Bhagekar Suryakant ( 30-01-2016 )

Learning HVAC in dhanush was a good experience staff is good & supportive.

Amit Deosingh Sengar

Amit Deosingh Sengar ( 25-12-2015 )

I had completed hvac course from dhanush engg. in Delhi, very good teaching faculty in dhanush engg. services

Zahid Mushtaq

Zahid Mushtaq ( 25-12-2015 )

The mep centre is a good option to engineers in mechanical field to enhance their knowledge in HVAC systems. It proves very fruitful while attending the interviews.

Saad Waseem

Saad Waseem ( 23-12-2015 )

Excellent palace to learn about hvac highly recommended to all.

Ezekiel Sharma

Ezekiel Sharma ( 23-12-2015 )

Best institute guyz. to get knowledge in HVAC (as I have done HVAC only) !!! Awesome faculty with full practical knowledge. Guys not joking`. At really good place to get knowledge

Amit Seth

Amit Seth ( 23-12-2015 )

Excellent faculty, excellent experience and full of new learning. Supporting staff.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar ( 13-12-2015 )

I really feel awesome in this institute. All the faculty members are so good. They are always ready to clear my all types of doubt. They provide me the answer all satisfactorily.


Balla.siva ( 11-12-2015 )

One of the best institute for MEP course and they only give placement assistance to students. It is a good institute with a very good faculty.

Arepalli Shashi Kumar

Arepalli Shashi Kumar ( 11-12-2015 )

Very good institute, good faculty and they provide mock interviews and it is good to improve our skills. Thank you.

Mohammed Arshad

Mohammed Arshad ( 11-12-2015 )

It`s a good institute for learning HVAC course. I have learnt so many things from the basic, thank you.

Mohtasim Ahmad

Mohtasim Ahmad ( 04-12-2015 )

Overall is good. But some practical approach is left like industry visit. We know all things but some time we can`t imagine that how industry work is goingon.

Ravi Kumar Singh

Ravi Kumar Singh ( 04-12-2015 )

The teaching here is awesome.. Specially the tutors are very friendly they take interest in order to clear our doubts and provide as much effort they can give to us. Also the mock interviews are very helpful for our better carriers specially those who are freshers.

Seemab Nadim

Seemab Nadim ( 04-12-2015 )

Good experience in class. Friendly climate of class.. cooperative teachers.

Tanzil Sabbar Akhter

Tanzil Sabbar Akhter ( 04-12-2015 )

Teaching environment is good. teacher are very supportive and helpful, makes the student to study all the topics and cover the whole syllabus.

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar ( 04-12-2015 )

Teacher is so good and technical good.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar ( 04-12-2015 )

I really feel awesome in this institute. All the faculty members are so good. They are always ready to clear my all types of doubt. They provide me the answer all satisfactorily.

Naresh Moka

Naresh Moka ( 30-11-2015 )

We got good communication and technical knowledge.

Mohammed Gouse

Mohammed Gouse ( 30-11-2015 )

Training in this institute is good professional trainers with good field knowledge and placement assistance is impressive here. Overall good institute to for those looking for MEP training and placements.

Devendra Bhatt

Devendra Bhatt ( 30-11-2015 )

This is a excellent place for freshers who want to make career in hvac industry.

Md Mahboob Shareef

Md Mahboob Shareef ( 30-11-2015 )

have done hvac from dhanush engg service, i gain a lot knowledge of the subject in the relevant field it is the good institute for mep. They are giving project in that we are getting more knowledge of the field.

Lavi Budden

Lavi Budden ( 30-11-2015 )

Very good faculties very helpful.Good nature and good knowledge. Helps to find my strength and weakness.

Debashish Kar

Debashish Kar ( 30-11-2015 )

Good institute for freshers

Syed Imad Ali

Syed Imad Ali ( 28-11-2015 )

They are very excellent, gives very clear and detailed knowledge related to HVAC field. They have very good and knowledgeable teachers who serves their best according to students need. They are the best in DELHI NCR. Their teachers having very good teaching skills. Just go and get the good knowledge in HVAC field.

Ganesh Kumar Tiwari

Ganesh Kumar Tiwari ( 28-11-2015 )

I want to share my experience with all future students here, Faculty members are very good.supporting staff are very co-operative. Taking about course content,so I would like to tell that the faculty covers all important topics and information related to HVAC and right on time. All I can say that I had a very great experience from this institute.

Mohammad Quaisar Reza

Mohammad Quaisar Reza ( 28-11-2015 )

I did HVAC design and drafting course here. The way of teaching and creating the competitive environment among the students is very good. When I joined this institute, I did not know to draw a single line in AutoCAD but right now I am in position to draw any drawing in AutoCAD. Faculty and staff of this institute is very supportive and one can do practice full day here on institute`s system and clear the doubt at any time to discuss with faculty. Notes and design data book provided by the institute is very helpful to revise the course for interview. I joined this institute after visiting another institutes in Mumbai and Delhi but I found this is the best institute for MEP courses. This institute provide the placement across all over India and many students got placed.

Akram Iqbal

Akram Iqbal ( 28-11-2015 )

I did HVAC design and drafting course here. The way of teaching and creating the competitive environment among the students is very good. When I joined this institute, I did not know to draw a single line in AutoCAD but right now I am in position to draw any drawing in AutoCAD. Faculty and staff of this institute is very supportive . Notes and data book provided by the institute is very helpful to revise the course for interview. I joined this institute after visiting another institutes in Mumbai and Delhi but I found this is the best institute for MEP courses. This institute provide the placement across all over India.

Hafeez Ur Rehman

Hafeez Ur Rehman ( 28-11-2015 )

For HVAC course its a very good institute where teachers are very knowledgeable and cooperative. After completion of the course, I am feeling very confident in this field.

Krishn Kant Shukla

Krishn Kant Shukla ( 28-11-2015 )

Good faculties, great atmosphere for learning,cooperative teachers have learn a lot so far. A good institute to enhance your knowledge in MEP HVAC well structured syllabus including projects so student can learn easily.and profession manner

Nobojyoti Das

Nobojyoti Das ( 26-11-2015 )

Dhanush is a very good institute for freshers to understand practical application of theoretical knowledge what we have learned in BE/B Tech. Faculties are good, infrastructure need to be improved a lot and fresher can surely join and get useful knowledge for interview.

Ahamad Bilal

Ahamad Bilal ( 26-11-2015 )

The class is price worthy with very good faculty (Ravi sir specifically) for electrical design and drafting. Made my Electrical engineering basics solid with very good electrical designing classes. All useful and very important topics are covered in this classes.I am happy and satisfied with his class and institute too.

Vandanau Vijay Kumar

Vandanau Vijay Kumar ( 26-11-2015 )

Actually I don`t know anything about refrigeration and things related to that.... but I learned some things coming to this institute. And also about hr, I got to know many things about interviews.... how to look, how to to behave, how to express and all these things.... I suggest you to conduct more mock interviews to know how much we improved.... Thank you

Tappita Moshe Dayan

Tappita Moshe Dayan ( 24-11-2015 )

Excellent teaching and learned more knowledge and more new concepts. Every fresher should get knowledge from here.

Pitta Sparjan

Pitta Sparjan ( 24-11-2015 )

Excellent teaching and good interaction between students especially this institute is very helpful to fresher students and finally learned more knowledge.

Keta Satya Venkataprasad

Keta Satya Venkataprasad ( 24-11-2015 )

Teaching is very good. They are providing good lab facilities and hr classes also good. We can get more knowledge.

Maner Nabil Iqbal

Maner Nabil Iqbal ( 24-11-2015 )

My experience in the institute is realy good, i have learnt so much from the faculty madhu krishna sir, and he will always available for help, whatever the concepts will be there in the field you required to know will be clear out from the faculty.

Mohsin Raza

Mohsin Raza ( 23-11-2015 )

While joining the Dhanush Engg Services I am so happy I have enjoined here too much they have very good teaching approach good faculties very good facilities overall its very good place to know what engineering is. Thank you

Md. Wasif Rabbani

Md. Wasif Rabbani ( 23-11-2015 )

Faculty members are very co-operative and having excellent knowledge. Good study environment for all the students with or without laptops. Job promising institute. Thanks Regards Wasif

Udaya Bhaskar Kotha

Udaya Bhaskar Kotha ( 23-11-2015 )

I think it is the one of the good institute for training of HVAC design, and it helped me to get a job.

Rakesh Das

Rakesh Das ( 23-11-2015 )

M.E.P DHANUSH is one of the best institute for hvac design and drafting course. Teaching standard is much more better than any other institute in India for this course. Best of luck.

Silla Kailas

Silla Kailas ( 20-11-2015 )

iam learning HVAC course in dhanush Eng services. teaching MADHUKRISHNA sir. teaching is very good. clarify the doubts in class room. it is very good institute

Mohammed Wasiuddin

Mohammed Wasiuddin ( 20-11-2015 )

Hi, I m Wasiuddin I would like to express my journey in Dhanush Engg. Services .It Is one of the specific and relevant institute like most ambiance institute.When I joined this institute i m totally unknown about HVAC but now Im fully confident about HVAC whatever i learned not only HVAC course but also about resumes making and Interviews . It is one of the reputed institute that we can trust blindly and we can learn more more things by theoratical also practical. Thanking You!

Chakka Sateesh Kumar

Chakka Sateesh Kumar ( 19-11-2015 )

Hai friends. i have placed in sygnovate it solutions ltd, hyderabad as a electrical designer. i passed my B.TECH in electrical from amrita sai institute in kanchikacherla. dhanush engg services really helps to get a job.

Syed Tayyib pasha

Syed Tayyib pasha ( 13-08-2014 )

Easy to understand everything good environment for studying courses

Aayush Tiwari

Aayush Tiwari ( 13-08-2014 )

Very good Faculty

Umair Ahmed Khan

Umair Ahmed Khan ( 13-08-2014 )

Faculty members areexcellent in all aspect. Sir also guide us very well in our project

N Athiathullah

N Athiathullah ( 13-08-2014 )

Excellent faculty overall. I like the faculty member who explained through out the period with simple examples

Gagadam Yashwanth Kumar

Gagadam Yashwanth Kumar ( 13-08-2014 )

The only institute in hyderabad recommanded for HVAC

Abdul Basit sheikh

Abdul Basit sheikh ( 13-08-2014 )

The course design structure is Ok.If could get better students given, some site trainings of part curriculam. Projects as assignmentsis a very good and helpful step.

Ninand A Bendale

Ninand A Bendale ( 18-10-2013 )

Excellent knowledge in his field syllabus coverage is fantastic within short period

Md Asimali

Md Asimali ( 18-10-2013 )

I have learnt many things about this course from here and iam fully satisfied.

S K Mastan basha

S K Mastan basha ( 24-01-2013 )

The Institute is very excellent of faculty and other wise teaching is very huge and HVAC faculty is most experienced , easily understood by the student.

Savad ali

Savad ali ( 24-01-2013 )

He was very good knowledge in the HVAC system. He was good ability to express his ideas. He is very much willing to help the students

Mohammed Firoz

Mohammed Firoz ( 24-01-2013 )

The faculty is an excellent lecturer and had a very good communication with students and did every possible thing to make understand the concept easily.

Mohammed Aftab Alam

Mohammed Aftab Alam ( 24-01-2013 )

There is no need to say anything about Dhanush. Its very good institute for MEP in Hyderabad and also India. We know about is by person but it is really good after done the HVAC from here.

Hreyan P Jamdar

Hreyan P Jamdar ( 24-01-2013 )

Institute is verygood Best for MEP. Staff is verygood in nature Personality Development classes was too good giving lot of time for practicing lab.

Sk. Gowse Mastan ali

Sk. Gowse Mastan ali ( 28-04-2012 )

Good institution for learning HVAC and to placement side excellent institution for every HVAC student. I prefer student who want to job in hvac field

Jyothiranjan Das

Jyothiranjan Das ( 27-02-2012 )

Its very good institute for HVAC training. I acquire good knowledge from there.

N Sai sudhakar

N Sai sudhakar ( 27-02-2012 )

I am very happy with the training provided by Dhanush

B Jagadeesh

B Jagadeesh ( 27-02-2012 )

Faculty was good explanation of subject as well as giving the examples. Very friendly nature with all students.

SK Inthiyaj

SK Inthiyaj ( 27-02-2012 )

Nice to have this kind institute in Hyderabad

B V N Phani kumar

B V N Phani kumar ( 27-02-2012 )

Good providing better opportunities for freshers

Issac F Fernades

Issac F Fernades ( 27-02-2012 )

I have got good knowledge and design of HVAC System

Mohd Fasihuddin hakeem

Mohd Fasihuddin hakeem ( 27-02-2012 )

It was excellent course and notes given are useful

K Bujji kamal

K Bujji kamal ( 03-11-2011 )

Good awareness and friendly nature in the institute

surya Chandran

surya Chandran ( 10-05-2011 )

Way of teaching is very good.

Subith Malayil

Subith Malayil ( 10-05-2011 )

Overall it is very helpful and completely a Job oriented course. Definitely learned lot of tips from this course which will help me while on job

Mohammed abdul azeem A R

Mohammed abdul azeem A R ( 10-05-2011 )

Very good Institute to learn HVAC

Chetan A Dahake

Chetan A Dahake ( 01-05-2011 )

The HVAC Design courses all Engg students in a good opportunity and good platform

Mustaq Ahmed

Mustaq Ahmed ( 01-05-2011 )

I got good understanding in design load calculation and the Director of the institute is expert in HVAC and having a lot of experience


rizwan ( 14-03-2011 )

best institute for HVAC
good material
Excellent way of explaining


B.Ramu ( 02-02-2011 )

HVAC design course useful in my carrier. Dhanush institute teaching is very good.

Vinod Prasannan

Vinod Prasannan ( 02-02-2011 )

The course gave me a through knowledge of the subject


T.K.Illiyaz ( 02-02-2011 )

I gained a through and good foundation of the HVAC which is useful for my carrier

MD Najeeb Ahmed

MD Najeeb Ahmed ( 02-02-2011 )

Explanation and teaching was excellent

Mohd. Imtiaz

Mohd. Imtiaz ( 05-01-2011 )

Faculty is really excellent. I am very glad that i am trained by aperson who is having more years of experience in HVAC

Raghuvaradooth reddy

Raghuvaradooth reddy ( 05-01-2011 )

Course content is very helpful for Engineers, Faculty way of teaching, delivering the subject is excellent and co-ordination is also good. He provides lots of practical knowledge and recent trends in HVAC

B.Girish Kumar

B.Girish Kumar ( 08-11-2010 )

It is good to have a good faculty. Sir teaching is excellent and easy to understand

Md. Ismail

Md. Ismail ( 08-11-2010 )

DCS is verygood institute. I had learn very lot of new things

Mohammed Imran A

Mohammed Imran A ( 08-11-2010 )

I learnt lot of knowledge from this institute. DCS is very good institute.


RANJITH RAVI C ( 16-08-2010 )

teaching was very excellent very useful of life

G Siva Krishna

G Siva Krishna ( 26-07-2010 )

The way of explanation is very good.

Y Sathish

Y Sathish ( 26-07-2010 )

The course content is very good and teaching is excellent.


S.A.javeed ( 26-07-2010 )

The theory as well as practical class are good with good explanation.

S.K. Imran Bawazeir

S.K. Imran Bawazeir ( 26-07-2010 )

Sir has very good command over the course and he takes cares of each & individual student properly.

G Madhukar rao

G Madhukar rao ( 26-07-2010 )

Good, Way of teaching is good

Mohan B

Mohan B ( 26-07-2010 )

Sir has good knowledge and good command over the subject

Ansari ahmed shoebuddin

Ansari ahmed shoebuddin ( 26-07-2010 )

I really appreciate the way of course is completed with maximum transfer of knowledge

T David

T David ( 07-06-2010 )

Faculty is excellent in HVAC teaching it was good experience with sir and other staff also.

G Ramesh

G Ramesh ( 07-06-2010 )

Very good to join here. I learned more thing regarding HVAC Design and Drafting

S Abdul azeez

S Abdul azeez ( 07-06-2010 )

Faculty is excellent teaching in HVAC and he has a good knowledge in HVAC and he has explained in good manner.

A. Bhagyaraj

A. Bhagyaraj ( 07-06-2010 )

The institute was excellent and provide me all the knowledge regarding the course.

Noor Mohammed Naikoo

Noor Mohammed Naikoo ( 07-06-2010 )

I have learnt so many things about HVAC from your institute extremely knowledge. Therefore praying god to confirm upon you all the riches of the world happiness in future.

Shaik Jaheer Basha

Shaik Jaheer Basha ( 06-06-2010 )

Good in giving any subject teaching and suggestions to complete project work.

Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar ( 06-06-2010 )

Teaching is very simple and easy, explanations of each system is very good.

S Krishna Mohan

S Krishna Mohan ( 06-06-2010 )

Teaching is simple and very easy to understand , even a new person in this field can understand easly.


SHOEB AHMED ( 25-03-2010 )

It is very nice to have a sir like Mr.Magesh, he is so punctual and friendly with us so that we can have freedom to ask any doubt without any hesitation.This Institute is very good with supporting staff. I have gain lot of experience here. Mainly here, the DIRECTOR(Mr.Chakradhar)is very faithful to all in supporting and accessing us bright future in our the coming career.


ARUN ( 01-03-2010 )

HVAC training from DCS is a stepping stone for a great knowledge about HVAC and job with excellent salaries in the field of air calculating


LINS ANTONY ( 01-03-2010 )

Class was good


J BRAMHANANDA REDDY ( 01-03-2010 )

Very good training with real time projects & experience


K K V SANTOSH ( 01-03-2010 )

Very useful content, got good knowledge

shabbir ahamed

shabbir ahamed ( 01-03-2010 )

Very useful as it gives a lot of knowledge apart from the one studied in engineering.

shabbir ahamed

shabbir ahamed ( 01-03-2010 )

Very useful as it gives a lot of knowledge apart from the one studied in engineering.

irfan ahmed

irfan ahmed ( 01-03-2010 )

The knowledge shared with us was good we were full free to ask any doubts raised regarding the subject & they were clearing the doubts very nicely.

Suresh babu. M

Suresh babu. M ( 25-12-2009 )

HVAC Design & Drafting → DCS→ Sir ═> HVAC Design Engineer


P.S.Renugopal ( 25-12-2009 )

Sir given good guidance to me in HVAC field
Basic explanation is very good


md.ishaq ( 25-12-2009 )

The course is good and I have gained knowledge in HVAC


RANA RAJ KAMAL ( 09-12-2009 )

Everything is excellent I liked the course & faculty, Thanks for the guidance

Manas Ganguly

Manas Ganguly ( 18-07-2009 )

Very good course and faculty make it possible to over come all of the different area.

shaik jaffer hussain

shaik jaffer hussain ( 12-05-2009 )

Faculty & course is good

P S G Prasanth L

P S G Prasanth L ( 08-04-2009 )

Every thing about the faculty and course is good and it is very helpful to mechanical students


KALISHA SHAIK ( 08-04-2009 )

Course is Excellent

S Srinivas

S Srinivas ( 08-04-2009 )

Very well


MUHAMMED HARIS U M ( 08-04-2009 )

Every thing is good


GOPU RAMA KRISHNA ( 02-04-2009 )

It is very nice to have a sir like him , he is so punctual and friendly to the student so that we can have freedom to ask any doubt without any hesitation


MOHD ASIM MOHIUDDIN ( 01-04-2009 )

I feel comfortable while coming to Dhanush computers

Kishore Bandari

Kishore Bandari ( 01-04-2009 )

course contacts are good and are very helpful


KANNAN ( 01-04-2009 )

Covering everything in practical sense as well as the basic theories

syed imran ali

syed imran ali ( 31-03-2009 )

It is a best course for mechanical engineers & this is the interested. You can find excellent teaching & good jobs


shamil ( 31-03-2009 )

Teaching was excellent. Faculty has good knowledge in the subject.

y krishna chaitanya

y krishna chaitanya ( 31-03-2009 )

DCS has excellent services, which has on good feedback in HVAC knowledge with an good placement


praveen ( 31-03-2009 )

Course is excellent & Faculty is excellent

Mohan Kumar

Mohan Kumar ( 31-03-2009 )

In the HVAC system every point clearly explained, I can understand easily, my knowledge improved more and more

kuruvalli prabhakar

kuruvalli prabhakar ( 31-03-2009 )

Good lecturer for HVAC course


SBVS PRASAD ( 31-03-2009 )

Itís very good to see to provide some practical training during the course period



Good moral support well placement to jobs


Santosh ( 31-03-2009 )

I hearty thanks to this institute for gaining me lot of knowledge regarding HVAC



Good institution and good faculty


S MOHAMED AZHAR ( 31-03-2009 )

Excellent teaching


vinay ( 30-03-2009 )

Training is excellent

azmira mahadev

azmira mahadev ( 30-03-2009 )

I learn lot of things hears from Sir. So keep going and thanks for your support

G Khaja Mohiddin

G Khaja Mohiddin ( 30-03-2009 )

Faculty teaching is good & explanation of subject is excellent

Arun Thampi

Arun Thampi ( 25-03-2009 )

This course helped me to improve my knowledge in electrical design


shrilokesh ( 25-03-2009 )

Teaching is very good


VASU ( 23-09-2008 )

Good Explanation


Ramreddy ( 23-09-2008 )

Course is good, I like the staff because they are taking more care about the students.

Budithi Ramesh

Budithi Ramesh ( 23-09-2008 )

Course gave me a good change over to HVAC field

D Venkatesharlu

D Venkatesharlu ( 23-09-2008 )

Course was good.


PATIL RAMAKRISHNA M ( 23-09-2008 )

By completing this course we cam in main stream of HVAC and we are thankful to institute for giving precious knowledge.
*The Confidence give by the institute is amazing for the brighter future


CHATRE SUSHIL B ( 23-09-2008 )

Simple and Fluent language for better understanding was used.

Khan Mohd Nadeem

Khan Mohd Nadeem ( 23-09-2008 )

Its a Job oriented course & satisfied with the facuilties its good experience to learn with DCS.



Very good refreshment course for experienced person

Arun mathew

Arun mathew ( 23-09-2008 )

As a fresher this short term course helped me a lot to know about the HVAC field and this will be very helpful for me when i am going for a Job.


SYED MASSIUDDIN ( 23-09-2008 )

This course was great for me to refresh and increase my knowledge in HVAC.


SIKANDR ( 23-09-2008 )

I got placement through DHANUSH even though I am an non-technical qualification person.


NAGESWARARAO ( 23-09-2008 )

Got very good opportunity in HVAC Drafting after completing the course.


SATHURAGIRI J ( 23-09-2008 )

The course was very good for me it helped me in getting my first job with help of


M SURESH KUMAR ( 23-09-2008 )

Course content was as per industry requirements.


SIRAJUDDIN BASHA ( 23-09-2008 )

It was very nice to learn more about HVAC design. Knowledge of the person was excelent and explantion was very clear.


KALISHA SHAIK ( 23-09-2008 )

Course was Excellent.


SBVS PRASAD ( 20-06-2008 )

It s very good to see to provide some practical Training

K Ashwin Kumar

K Ashwin Kumar ( 12-05-2008 )

Good trainee center for HVAC Knowledge

D Ravi Kiran Kumar

D Ravi Kiran Kumar ( 12-05-2008 )

Good Explanation and Provided good practical knowledge

s anees ahamed

s anees ahamed ( 30-04-2008 )

Knowledge of Person & Communication are Excellent

suresh gubbala

suresh gubbala ( 30-04-2008 )

Punctuality & Explanation are Excellent



Good moral support well placement to jobs


THRIVIKRAM ( 25-04-2008 )

Good Punctualityand good Explanation


KALISHA SHAIK ( 18-02-2008 )

Course is excellent


MADHVA REDDY ( 18-02-2008 )

I feel itís good for mechanical students


Richa ( 07-02-2008 )

The faculties are very good.


Amit ( 02-01-2008 )

Test Feedback

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