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Courses Name PLUMBER GENERAL BASIC (Regular)
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  1. Introduction of Plumbing

·         Types of Pipes and Materials

·         Standard Pipe Sizes

·         Types of Fitting & Fixtures

·         Type of Valves Gate valve, Ball valves and Non return valve

·         Types of Tools

  1. Introduction of Sanitary


Types of Pipes and Materials

Standard Pipe Sizes

Types of Fittings & Fixtures

Types of Equipment’s and it usage

  1. Plumbing Calculations




Units of Measurements

Tools used for Measurement

  1. Tools and Joining methods

Types of Tools  (Hand and Power) and its Usage

(Example: Tape measure , Hammers , Hack saw , Wrenches , Pipe bender, Threading tool, Screwdrivers, Caulking gun ,Pliers , Pipe cutters ,Chisels, Drill,  2ft level, Allen keys, Step ladder,Files, Safety, Gloves/goggles/ear plugs)

Explaining about Electrical tools with safety methods

Marking and Positioning

Wall Chases

Cutting Methods (walls and Pipes)

Threading Methods

Explaining of Pipe Jointing

Practice of Teflon Tape rolling

Methods of testing the pipes

  1. Working with Plumbing Fixtures

Demonstration on Safe usage of Plumbing Tools

Demonstration on Types of Pipes

PPR and PVC – Types of fittings & Joining Methods


CPVC Types of fitting and Joining methods

Types of Traps and installation of different Traps.

Gate valve, Ball valves and Non-return valve fitting methods

Types of Clamps and their fitting procedures

Explanation of Flange fitting and its types


  1. Installation Procedures

Explanation & Installation of IWC, EWC

Explanation of other Bathroom fittings and installation procedures.

Explanation & Installation of Wash basin, Water filter for drinking water, Kitchen Sink, etc.,

Fitting procedures for Hot water pipeline for geezers

AC waste water pipeline routing.

  1. External Plumbing Works

Types of Vents and installation methods.

Explanation about Water tank connection and Flush tank Connection methods

SWG Pipes fitting Procedures

Septic tank connection methods

Explanation of Water meter fitting

Introduction of chambers (Man Hole)

Prepare Chambers, Slope leveling

Types of Motors & fitting Procedures

  1. Repairing, Replacing and maintenance plumbing fixtures and fittings as per the skills learned.


  1. Plumbing Leakage & pressure Testing methods


  1. Understanding Drawings

Explaining Engineering Symbols (Legends)

Identifying of fittings & Fixtures by reading Plumbing drawings

Ability to locate the fixtures and fittings locations on site as per drawings.

  1. Estimation, Costing & Billing

Explain about Bill of materials (BOQ) and Estimation

Billing Method

            Cost for Chipping

            Cost for per feet

            Cost per fitting

            Cost per Fixture


  1. Communication, Coordination Skills at Work Place.

Ice-Breaker Session, WIIFM, Greetings, Introducing oneself to a client

Usage of - Please, Thank you and sorry

Work flow- understanding the communication flow

Working under a supervisor -Keeping supervisor informed about the work status.

Being Patient and Genuine

How to frame questions and how to brief supervisor and client (Team if involved)

Understanding instructions and adhering to the protocol to avoid confusion and wastage of resources.

Communicate any potential hazards and expected process disruptions-

Importance of seriousness involved

Handover completed task to supervisor- closing work flow

To understand and accept feedback from reporting supervisor

Report any anticipated reasons for delays

Paraphrase- client and supervisor

Team work and Resolving Conflicts

Time Management and Self-Management- Being Organized

Being Patient and Genuine

Life Cycle of Plumbing Activities


  1. Safety and Healthy environment


Safety while using tools

Safe Storage of tools to avoid accidents.

Safety while working underground and heights.

Wearing safety googles, helmets, shoes, ear plugs etc.,

House keeping by clearing the space from waste and scrap.

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