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Courses Name PLUMBER HELPER (Regular)
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  1. Introduction for Plumbing (Theory)

  2. Types of pipes (Practical)

  3. Introduction for Sanitation (Theory)

  4. Sanitation procedures (Theory and Practical)

  5. Explain about Safety (Theory)

  6. Explain about Tools (Theory & Practical)

  7. Explain about Tools (Practical)

  8. Explain about Electrical Tools( T& P)

  9. Explain about GI Fittings(Practical)

  10. CPVC Fitting (Practical)

  11. SWR Fitting (Theory and Practical)

  12. Explain about Measurement (Theory and Practical)

13.  Explain about Cutting (Theory and Practical)

14.  Explain about Jointing (Theory and Practical)

15.  Explain about Threading (Theory & Practical)

16.  Threading (Practical)

17.  Explain about Repairing (Theory and Practical)

18.  Clear the work area (Practical)

19.  Explain about Chambers (Theory & Practical)

20.  Chambers (Practical)

21.  PVC Fitting (Theory and Practical)

22.  PPR Fitting (Theory and Practical)

23.  SWG Fitting (Theory and Practical)

24.  CP Fitting (Theory and Practical)

25 –   30 - Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment as per NOS of  IPSC.

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