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Do you feel there are no career options for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil graduates ?

Are you passionate about creating your career in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering ?

If your dream is to go overseas and work in the field of MEP ?

Want to get an entry-level job in core Mechanical, Electrical and Civil field ?


Then, here are the solutions for your questions …………..

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), the sector which most of the people are not aware of, refers to the aspects of building design and construction. MEP design is important for planning, quality and quantity estimation, operating and maintaining the facilities. MEP engineers are unique in the way they perform the work, applying the principles of engineering, being specific and precise, not just assuming things but actually working on it, thus differentiating them from a normal trade.

MEP sector as a path for your career……


Mechanical Engineering being the oldest and broadest branches of Engineering, of course termed as “Mother of Engineering,” gives a huge scope for MEP sector.  It deals with a subset called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning).  It involves the key areas of heating, cooling, ventilation, and exhaustion in the mechanical planning of the building. However, the mechanical engineers have to work closely with the electrical engineers and plumbing systems for a proper construction of a building.  Electrical component of MEP deals with the power distribution to a building.  The plumbing part of MEP deals with water supply, sanitation/sewerage, and sometimes rain water harvesting systems.  The electrical and plumbing components see that they do not fall in the way of each other.

It is quite evident with the above description that all the three components of MEP are interconnected with each other and serve the most essential components of a building, like housing, water supply, electrical supply, sanitation, urban mobility.

The immediate question that would arise to our minds is, how this work can be accomplished, with the obvious answer being “Skilled Manpower.”

✔️Do you feel there are no career options for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil graduates❓✔️Are you passionate about creating your career in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering❓✔️If your dream is to go overseas and work in the field of MEP❓✔️Want to get an entry-level job in core Mechanical, Electrical and Civil field❓Visit Our Website: https://ctt.

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A person who is having enough knowledge to perform these activities to perfection is the so called “Skilled Manpower.”  This skill is gained through learning the fundamentals of the subject and the practical outcomes of it. Analyzing these outcomes to the proper applicability is another key factor here.  Therefore, the key functional areas where a skilled individual has to deal with are,








Furthermore, with relevant software application ( AutoCAD, HAP, Revit MEP, etc., ) and under the training by expert faculty, the above functions could be achieved.



The opportunities overseas are vast.  Huge requirement has been identified in most of the Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain etc. Also, few of the African countries hold good opportunities in the MEP Industry.



The ultimate love for your core field and the passion to work for the same are the key factors for job satisfaction, though it is not easy to achieve.

“The actual sense of satisfaction is when you turn your thoughts into reality.”

Now that you are aware of the MEP sector and the career options available, you must be wondering where could you get this quality training ?


Well, with over 15 years into the industry, training and assisting in job placements to thousands of students, Dhanush MEP Centre, a unit of  Dhanush EnggServices India Pvt. Ltd., offers regular trainings, workshops, online courses; also providing one-on-one coaching programs according to student preference.

To know more about the courses or to get any advices on your career, or for any queries, please visit our website


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